Terms of sale
All posters are guaranteed to be original unless clearly stated otherwise. Any statement made in the guarantee referring to the authorship, attribution, year, style and or condition of the article, are statements of our opinion.  We sale in good faith and we are committed to the highest standards of professional ethics. We rely on professional bibliophiles from Spanish public archives, as well as on other specialist members of admissions committees of international poster fairs.

No claims shall be accepted on the state of conservation if they are not defined on the guarantee or viewable on  the photographs that we provide. The showing of goods allows a complete examintation and study of them.

All goods are on exhibit for examintations at our gallery Póster Félix in Sevilla.

The authenticity of the poster described in our certificates are guaranteed to be genuine. Any claim in this respect must be communicated to Póster Félix within thirty days after the date of the sale.