Spain celebrates numerous local fiestas such as ferias, romerías, fallas, flower games, Holly Week,... These traditional events have been designed for Spanish posters influenced by different artistic movements that corresponded to each period.

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Bullfighting posters date from 18th century. These typographical documents inform us about the development of the bullfighting art, xilography decorated bullfighting posters until beginnings of the 20th century, and finally lithography embellished posters with its exceptional images and colours.

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Advertisment posters were the best means for promotion and sales of a product or service. Food, car industry, pharmaceutical products, fashion, smoking items... have been designed to attract the viewer's attention, and have been designed with the different styles, techniques and fashions that each artist and epoque had.

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Tourism, sports, Spanish civil war, art showrooms and leisure are other subjects reflected on posters.

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