Conditions of Sale

  1. All the posters for sale are considered to be genuine. Any statement made in this guarantee referring to the authorship, attribution, year, style and or condition of the article, are statements of our opinion. We deal in good faith, and we are commited to the highest standards of professional ethics. We rely on professional bibliophiles from spain public archives, as well as on other specialist members of admission commitee of international poster shows.
  2. No claims shall be accepted on the definition of conditions, breaking or damages, even if they are not stated in the guarantee. The showing of goods allows a complete examination and study of them.
  3. All goods are on exhibit for examination at our shop Felix Cartelismo in Sevilla.
  4. The authenticity of the poster described in this document is guaranteed to be genuine. Any claim in this respect must be brougth to the attention of Felix Cartelismo within thyrty days of the sale.


It should be kept in mind that a collectable poster is a 20 to 100 year-old advertisement paper. The standards of the print collector cannot be used. Prints were, for most part, done in small format, or fine quality paper, and meant to be inmediately framed or stored in a print sleeve or cabinet. A poster, for the most part, was printed in a large format, on the cheapest possible paper, and was meant to last about 8 weeks on the streets. Movie agencies sent folded posters to cinemas, bullfighting companies sent folded posters to bullrings, and in general who ever kept a poster wold have folded it. In consequence, it is practically impossible to find a poster without a defect.

Most important to the condition of a poster -not 8 weeks but often 80 years later- is the image of the poster, its colours, its design and the power of transmission.

The following ratings have been used:

A Designates a poster in very fine condition. There maybe some tears on the margins, but not noticeable. No paper loss. Colors are fresh and has no blemish.
A+ Is a flawless example of a poster rarely seen in such fine condition.
A- There maybe some slight fold marks, tear or other minor defect, but most unobtrusive. Sucessful restoration if restored.
B Designates a poster in good condition. There maybe some tears. Blemish or paper loss, but not in any crucial design area. Colours are fresh and the poster has a very good appereance.
B+ If some restoration it is not inmediately evident.
B- Restauration, may show some defects. Colours along the fold marks are faded.
C Designates a poster in fair condition. tears, blemish, fold marks and or paper loss are more pronounced or may slightly affect the image of the poster. Colours may be faded.
C+ Restorations are visible.
C- Requires restauration.